Katarzyna Szczudlinska-Urban

Head of Technology Talent Services

Katarzyna Szczudlińska – Urban has over 20 years of experience in multinational organizations. Currently as the Head of Techology Talent Services in Nordea, she leads team responsible for creating programmes that supports leaders in building up talent pipeline in Nordea Technology. She is a true passionate to see growth or any slight positive change within others and the world, and she puts every penny to contribute to that. No wonder she is leading team responsible for initiatives around reskilling and upskilling talents in Nordea Technology. She has co-created and run with success the Future Engineers programme in Nordea, which aim to spot and enable growing skills in IT in those who had no experience in that area before. Number of participants grew from 8 in 2021 to 30 in 2022. Apart from that she is engaged in coaching and mentoring in and outside Nordea. She works closely with Inkubator Przedsiebiorczosci Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego and Politechnika Gdanska to support students in their way to build career and life. Katarzyna is also very engaged in other branding and development related activities inside or outside Nordea.

She believes that leading others is not an authority but trust, courage and authenticity based responsibility. She is experienced in mentoring and coaching others, to support them in being who and where they want to be, both professionally and privately. She truly believes that work does not need to be hard, on contrary it can be fun and in a flow state of mind. Within her being she is driven by values as authenticity, courage, vulnerability, openness and joy. She practice yoga, meditation, rides a bike, loves to dance, read books that stretches her mindset and enables her to reflect on herself and life.

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